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George´s Cycle Rental George’s All Terrain Vehicles ATV,Scooters & Motorcycles
L G Smith Blvd.
124 Oranjestad, Aruba

Phone: +297-593-2202
... Picture yourself tooling around the island on a sporty little scooter or ATV. Cute, huh? Two wheels or four will are the ideal number in Aruba, where the weather is nearly always sunny and all but the remotest parts of the interior are within easy ... Also you can rent: All terrain, Motorcycle and Cruiser…
George’s All Terrain Vehicles ATV, Scooters & Motorcycles


How to Get Around The Island of Aruba

If you plan to explore the island on your own and go out for dinners beyond walking distance then here are some options you have and suggestions from an Aruba timeshare owner and local. Options are basically the same as back at home rental car, bus, rent a scooter take a taxi or use the bus system.

 The best option for each person or family will depend on how many times you plan to leave the resort for site seeing or to go out for dinner. For the people on vacation that plan to just relax most of the time but also want to get out and see the sites for 2 or 3 days the best two options are a scooter rental which runs about $40-50 per day or a rental car, on Aruba they run a bunch of 3 day car rental specials which run $190. And you can get a lot out of those three days if you plan to hit some island sites and go out to those nice restraints which are more then a short walk from your resort. Keep in mind Taxi's in Aruba are very expensive it will cost $25 to go from the airport to your resort which in most cases is a 10 minute ride, and even 5 minute rides to dinner are $10-15 each way.

Scooters are an affordable and fun way to see the island and get around for a day or two at $50 per day if you are up for the adventure. I suggest using George’s - Motorcycles & ATV Rentals -



The best option I find in almost every case if you are staying a week on the island is to rent a small car like a Nissan Sentra. From April to December you can find weekly car rental deals for $250 per week. Aruba is a very expensive island and most resort rooms on the island have kitchens, so having a car will make it easy to go to the grocery store and to go out for dinner and go site seeing. And if a restaurant is 20 minutes from your resort you do not have to worry about the $60 round trip taxi fare. The car is affordable and worth it during your stay in Aruba. I suggest using , online booking they are right at the airport and are fast and easy. Good luck and enjoy the island.